Education & Skills Sector Reading List, February 2018

The Quest Alliance round-up of must-reads across the education and skills sector this month.


In good news for graduates, a recent survey has shown both that the employability of Indian graduates is rising, and that more companies are showing higher hiring intent in 2018. Read more in Live Mint here.

It’s not all about tech skills – Google has found that non-cognitive skills (and not STEM skills!) are the most important when it comes to the success of its employees. Read more in the Washington Post here.

Can entrepreneurship pave the way to economic stability? The World Bank has said that India needs to create more regular, salaried jobs with growing earnings to become a middle-income country. Read more in Live Mint here.

With self-employment making up almost half of the workforce, the government is making a move to recognise and strengthen the contribution of self-employment to the economy. Read more in the Economic Times here.

Despite economic growth, working poverty remains a major issue for many in vulnerable and informal employment in South Asia. Read more in Down To Earth here.


While creativity is a key 21st Century education goal, how can we measure the ways in which a learning environment supports student creativity? Read more from Punya Mishra here.

Empowering young women with self-esteem, agency and leadership skills is a powerful strategy to combat the gender bias in school drop out rates. Read more in Live Mint here.

In a welcome move for startups in the educational innovation space, Infosys cofounder SD Shibulal has set up EduMentum, an incubator which supports social entrepreneurs working to transform the education ecosystem. Read more on Indianweb here.


The Union Budget 2018 stressed the importance of integrating technology into education, and increasing ‘digital intensity’. What impact will it have on learning outcomes? Read more in Your Story here.

Want to know the best EdTech innovations of 2017? The editorial staff at Common Sense Education have selected their favourite tools for learning potential. Read more about them over on here.

Can QR codes help students take their learning beyond the textbook? A partnership with the government of four states will enable students to view customized content from smartphones. Read more in the Times of India here


How can we encourage a new generation to take up the teaching profession, recognize the many roles teachers play, and stem the tide of people leaving the profession? Read more on here.


Need to decode the fine print of the Union Government budget, to find those key highlights? The Economic Times has done it for you here.

Is innovation more than just a buzzword? And has novelty been overvalued at the expense of appreciating the importance of establishing and maintaining infrastructures? Read more on Aeon here.

IITians and social impact leaders have recently come together to form a not-for-profit which aims to assist the nation in areas which include education, livelihood skills and healthcare. Read more in the Times of India here.


Founders must focus on building high level leadership skills internally if not-for-profits are to scale up successfully. Read more on the India Development Review here.

The number of women coders in the workforce continues to rise, with events like TechGig Geek Goddess, India’s largest women-only coding festival, helping to create role models. Read more in The Hindu here.

Read something you think we should include next month? Reach out to us on social media using the #sectorreadinglist hashtag.



Manish Sharma, Manager (Communications), Quest Alliance

Author: thelearnerbyquest

Quest Alliance's space for reflection on the education sector

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