Storytelling — a changemakers pathway for success?

In what I could only describe as a week of transformation, eleven members from the Capacity Building team of Quest Alliance came together for a workshop. There were moments of reflection, moments of creativity bursts, moments of sharing.

But what truly created a human bond that week was through the stories we shared — Our stories.

How to prepare girl students to join the 21-st century workforce?

A young girl, a dreamer, scribbled her favorite quote in her diary “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” This was inspired by her favorite film, The Bucket List. The movie is about two people doing all the things they ever wished to do before ‘kicking the bucket’, which translates into doing everything they ever wanted to before they died. An eye-opener of sorts.

Three keys to building a learning organization

Through learning we re-create ourselves, thereby extending our capacity to create. This, then, is the basic meaning of a ‘learning organisation – a body that is continually expanding its ability to create its future.

While it may seem like stating the obvious, the concept of a ‘learning organization’ is not comprehended correctly by most establishments. Learning – in contemporary usage – has come to be synonymous with ‘taking in information’. Yet, that is only distantly related to real learning.

Organizations claim to care dee­ply about learning, but their understanding is purely technical – be it scholarly learning or industrial expertise. But learning is different from knowledge. It is deeply connected to the vision one builds for oneself and before exploring the lesser-explored aspects of it, it would be wise to understand what it broadly means in this day’s context.

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Want to be a 21st-century educator? Try these 6 steps while communicating!

“Young people are actually potential waiting to happen, and for that potential to take shape, to grow and feel nurtured and contribute to the world, they have to feel heard.”

Shalini Menon on the Importance of Listening

Associate Director, Quest Alliance

6 tips to become an effective self-learner

1. Prepare a study environment — the physical and virtual environment:

An ideal study environment will go a long way in enabling the self-learning process, and in fact, you will enjoy the whole process a lot more in the right surroundings. Whether the place is a study room in your home or a coffee shop, the choice is yours. But it simply must be a space you are comfortable sitting and helps maintain a good posture. Your study material should be easily accessible and also one where there are fewer distractions around. If you have your video game or a phone with social media apps open that you might feel like browsing from time to time — that will be a distraction. This will reduce the learning capacity and effectiveness. Here are some of the things that can be useful to set up a study environment: